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Footprintings, a dynamic new treatment approach, provides effective and easy to use tools for identifying, observing, experiencing and repairing the relational perspective between Ego States.


Footprintings is a three dimensional Hypnoprojective model that provides effective and easy to use tools for identifying and working with Self-States. Footprintings gives embodiment to a person shifting states of consciousness. It is grounded on the premise that body awareness enables us to connect more deeply to our varying Self-States.

It is a three-dimensional exploratory technique that enables us to put time on hold, as we literally bookmark and track internal experience and relationships between Self-States as they exist for the patient in the present moment.

Using color footprints chosen by the client, to position and diagram the internal experience of Self-States, patients can then step into these Footprints and connect to the body awareness and state dependent perspective of each State.

It is a dynamic approach for working with the relationship between Self-States. Parts can best be understood and clarified when the relational perspective to other States is visually and spatially diagrammed and directly experienced.

Using color Footprints chosen by the client, to diagram relationship between Parts, patients can literally step into these different Self -States and move back and forth in order to more deeply explore their connections. They can experiment with rearranging the Footprintings and experimenting with alternative internal connections.

This work provides a constructive format for deepening internal awareness and communication and forging new and supportive internal alliances. Footprintings enhances the process of mindfulness.

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