A One-Day Experiential Workshop

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Susan Dowell, LCSW, BCD, Instructor
Location: Convenient Manhattan location

Footprintings Half-Day Workshop:

Half Day Advanced Consultation Group:
Footprintings: Ego State Therapy in Three Dimensions

Location: Convenient Manhattan location
Instructor: Susan Dowell, LCSW

Upcoming Footprintings Presentation

New York City - Midtown location to be announced

Footprintings is a three-dimensional, Hypnoprojective and exploratory technique, providing participants with tools to literally map internal experience in time and space. Ego-States will be symbolized metaphorically by your choice of color sets of Footprintings and by the way you position each pair of Footprintings on the ground in relationship to each other and in relationship to other sets of Footprintings. You will essentially be laying down a grid to represent present moment experience and you will be able to step into different Self-States and experiment with reconfiguring them, as you work on healing these relationships. This approach allows us to create literal imaginal rehearsals and experiment with integrating new patterns of internal relationships. The workshop will be both theoretical and experiential.

Individual Supervision

Private consulations are available. Contact Susan at 212-864-4171.

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